What Is Car Spotting?

The hobby that unites us

It’s literally the description of our blog, but we haven’t talked about it, this hobby among us car enthusiast gives us the opportunity to seek cool, rare and classic cars and share them for the world to see, it’s called car spotting. Car spotting is what we at Maximum Torque Malaysia are doing, in fact, our first social media presence started as an Instagram page.

What is car spotting?

What is car spotting, well in fact there’s Wikipedia article about the definition. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, it’s a hobby for automobile enthusiast to seek and snap photos of cars they see or “spot” on the road, similar to plane spotting. Car spotting is done either professionally with DSLR’s, consistent and amazing shots, while us, we do it at amateur level, which is when we’re free and can get a good shot of the car. Once a car has been spotted, the photos or videos are uploaded on social media websites to show what cool car is rolling around their area. Some car spotters also search certain areas to find cool cars, such as Beverly Hills or in front of fancy hotels.

Is this a common hobby?

Very much so, car spotting is becoming more common everyday, similar to van life people (we’ll talk about that another time). Look up on Instagram and you can see tons of pages about car spotting, with some even specific to just their own neighbourhood. This brings us to our general list of the types of car spotters out there.

  1. Spotters who spot ultra luxury, super cars.
  2. Spotters who spot older cars.
  3. Spotters who spot a specific type of vehicle (off-roaders, only Ford cars)
  4. Spotters who spot mundane everyday cars, abandoned cars, niche cars and just old stuff.

We’re number 4! because our blog/page can’t afford to go to rich places with super expensive cars, and we believe there’s a lack of the number 4 type of car spotting in Malaysia, though there has been a surge in abandoned vehicle Instagram pages. This is why our page is only filled mainly by clapped out cars, normal cars and sometimes, quirky cars, it’s just more interesting to see them and they don’t get enough appreciation. Whenever we can, we try to contact the owners of the cars to get their story, which is why all of our cars spotted, unless stated, have blurred plates for privacy reasons.

Is it fun?

Very much so (for us at least) because even if you’re not a car person, suddenly seeing an old Volkswagen Beetle parked in a street is going to catch your eye and might be a part of your photo op. There are plenty of interesting cars hiding or just left on various streets across Malaysia, which is why we rely on our followers to provide photos if they spot any cool cars worthy for our post.

Brennen: Our major car spotting contributor

Shout out to Bren! for providing lots of our content.

Our page is very new, pages like plankhond and carsofhongkong are legends in the car spotting world. One day, we hope to achieve that fame, being the number 1 Malaysian car spotting page! Check out our Instagram page below.