We love cars, all kinds of cars.

Maximum Torque Malaysia, MaxTorqueMy, or maximumtorquemy. is an automotive content page which reviews and talks about anything automotive related. Our main focus is on normal, regular everyday cars, our car-spotting page on Instagram showcases cool photos of regular, niche and weird cars we see, but we also talk about current issues or new things in the automotive world.

Originally an assignment project by a group of boys in university, the name Maximum Torque was later expanded to a fully fledged automotive content page, from its original beginnings as a short magazine, to Instagram and now this blogging website. We at MaxTorqueMY aim to bring a new outlook on the automotive landscape in Malaysia.


Carspotting Disclaimer: The material and information contained in this page is for general information purposes only, MaxTorqueMY does not own any of the vehicles or content unless stated in specific circumstances. All credits shall and will go to the rightful owners. Vehicle or content owners have every right to request the posts to be taken down. We at MaxTorqueMY do not intend to harm any privacy and property