This Artist Sketches Awesome Cars That We Know And Love (And With A Twist)

All of us have drawn cars at one point during our youths, from the typical three box, massive wheels, exhaust spewing out puffs of smoke ‘car’ to cars with machine guns on top (I still draw cars with guns because I have a mental imagination of a 12-year old). Though, there are people here in Malaysia who take drawing cars to the next level, something that’s unique and just too cool to not post about, it’s Mr Syaiful’s work.

Nissan Skyline 2000GT KenMeri
Photo courtesy of Mr. Syaiful

Mr. Syaiful hails from the city of Ipoh, Perak, age 43. He operates a wedding photography business called jangguttouch, which you can check out on Instagram. However, in his pastime, he does car sketches like the photo above, a KenMeri era Skyline drawn in a specific style (Mr. Syaiful’s style) and includes some fantastic details such as the prominent rear quarter panel lines and components under the car. I had to contact him to know more about his gallery of cars, he was an extremely friendly and open individual about his work. I asked a few questions about Mr. Syaiful’s talent with first, how he began it all.

“Saya bermula dalam tahun 2000 dan berhenti pada tahun 2006 kerana sibuk dalam karier fotografi. Pada 2014 saya mula kembali melukis sehingga sekarang.”

We can see that this isn’t something new that Mr. Syaiful has started, it was his passion for quite some time. Initially, before transitioning to cars, Mr. Syaiful was an urban sketcher, focusing on old buildings. He was inspired to draw classic cars due to his love of old vintage things and things of the past.

Honda City Turbo with Honda Motocompo Moped
Photo Courtesy of Mr. Syaiful

“Melukis kereta ni seronok bermain dengan lekuk-lekuk dan perincian desainnya.”

Indeed, older cars tend to have more exciting lines and cool details that would look amazing when sketched. Mr. Syaiful said it takes him about 1-2 hours to fully complete a sketch and he doesn’t use a normal pencil and paper, all of these sketches are made using a Sambung Tab with apps called Autodesk Sketchbook and Clip Paint Studio. I asked Mr. Syaiful on which of his sketches he loved the most, the one where he was truly proud of.

“Lukisan kereta yang berkarat, lusuh dan rustic.”

A fantastic style of car, I’m a fan of these rusty patina cars too (I also sketch them), translating this style into a sketche means one can meticulous details such as rust, scratches, dents and many more. Take a look at this Old Mazda Wagon, one of his personal favourites.

Mazda Familia Wagon
Photo Courtesy of Mr. Syaiful

The detail, shading and look of the sketch is just eye catching even though its an old rusty wagon. Now you might think that sketching a car with this much detail is hard, yes it is very much so, plus, using a tablet makes it even harder.

“Jika diikutkan, lukisan potret lebih sukar kerana ianya harus tepat dan sama dengan wajah yang dilukis. Bagi kereta pula sudah tentunya pada bahagian yang perinciannya lebih rumit seperti bahagian depan atau belakang kereta.”

Looking at the photos above, you can see where Mr. Syaiful is going when he explained that sketching front and rear ends of a car is complicated, the Skyline for example, while may only have four circles for taillights, getting them to be the right size and alignment can be very tricky.

Now, we reach to the best part of Mr. Syaiful’s work, his awesome crossover car sketches! Many people can familiarize themselves with older famous movies that feature certain vehicles as the star car, or even being prominently visible in some scenes. What Mr. Syaiful did was give it a little Malaysian flare twist to these famous Hollywood icons.

These are probably the coolest Malaysian-ized crossovers I have ever seen, Mr Syaiful’s idea of blending our Malaysian cars and icons (the PDRM Volvo is an icon), and merging them with these famous Hollywood figures, the DeLorean from Back to the Future, the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters and RoboCop, which is supposed to stand next to a Ford Taurus is just cool and unique! Seeing this for the first time made me scroll back up to fully see what was actually drawn, and you can never not get too excited when you see a Proton Saga turn into something, especially Ecto-1! In case you guys don’t know about the original movie cars, here are the original cars that Mr. Syaiful based the design on.

There’s more! Mr. Syaiful has also sketched cars that have been historically significant to Malaysia and our culture, with these two emphasizing on our famous (but none seem to exist anymore) fleet of Holden Police cars used by the PDRM in the sixties and the mythical yet very eerie and scary Yellow Volkswagen Beetle roaming the Karak Motorway

“Memang menjadi impian saya untuk mengembangkan lagi profil dan stail lukisan saya supaya dapat dinikmati oleh lebih ramai orang. Kalau tidak di pameran atau autoshow, di dalam sosmed pun boleh dikembangkan.”

It would be very unfortunate if Mr. Syaiful’s work is not be presented in any art show, I believe any car or non car people would absolutely enjoy seeing these beautiful and stylistic sketches. What makes it better, you’re in luck if you want one. Mr. Syaiful is opening up commissions for you to have your car or maybe another car of your liking to be sketched, prices range from RM 50-200.

Singam and Mahindra Bolero
Photo courtesy of Mr. Syaiful

You can follow Mr. Syaiful’s art account on Instagram and check out the rest of his sketches, my other favourite is the original DeLorean filling up at Petronas. Follow and like the amazing art he does and support his business, have your car commissioned to be digitally artwork-i-fied by Mr. Syaiful, you won’t regret it!

lufiasyirhab: Mr. Syaful’s car art account
More of his sketches