Akmal Ali (Founder)

Founder of Maximum Torque Malaysia

Born and raised in what can only be described as the downtown L.A of Malaysia, Kajang.

Akmal has had a passion for cars since he was in kindergarten, where he drew his first 2-D car on a piece of paper, from the day, everything that was a surface, had a drawing of a car.

The conception and idea of Maximum Torque Malaysia came along during his diploma studies when he and his team mate, were given the assignment to create a short magazine. Influenced by Top Gear Magazine and other related car shows, the idea to create a local car magazine came to fruition, thus, the proto Max Torque Magazine was born, crude and very simple in nature, created and co-created by Akmal and his best friend/dorm housemate, Arif, this was the genesis of the idea that soon became what it is now.

The original Max Torque Malaysia Magazine cover

Featuring his car was a big deal for Akmal, nothing could ever separate him and Old Yellow, A 2003 Hyundai Getz 1.6 that he used throughout his diploma and degree life, until it had to be sold, that car was also one of the reasons why the idea of Maximum Torque Malaysia never faded away, and sometime later, a newer version was produced, also as a part of an assignment. This current newer magazine (now already 3 years old since the assignment) is the foundation of what Maximum Torque Malaysia is now, an automotive content blog, with emphasis on car-spotting, though we love new, fast and super cars. MaxTorqueMY primarily focuses on everyday cars that don’t get enough attention. Besides the car-spotting content (available on Instagram), Akmal and his co-founder, Faiz, are all about cool, interesting, quirky and weird automotive goodies that we come across.

The newer Max Torque magazine (Cover only)

It wouldn’t be an automotive site without talking about cars, here is the list of Akmal’s personal vehicles to date

  • 2003 Hyundai Getz 1.6 GLA
    • Named “Old Yellow”.
    • First bought in 2014 for getting a driver’s license.
    • The most unreliable car ever, old age and high mileage (92,000 KM when bought second-hand) always made the car not work properly.
    • Never had a break down by the side of the road ever.
    • First personal car to be driven out of state.
    • First personal car to be driven to college.
    • First car to be driven for a date.
    • The car that everyone knew in college. Dubbed “The Official Car of Diploma In English
    • Thought many people friends how to drive.
    • Continued to be driven up until 2019, sold due to make room for a new family car.
    • Old Yellow was remembered by friends and family, and is immortalised in a special pebble art.
    • Last mileage (138,000KM).
  • 2011 Kia Forte SX
    • Named “Big Red”
    • Hand me down, originally the family’s car.
    • First car to have decent power and lots of space
    • Modified to fit the character of a young adult driver.

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